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Aging potential of MarieClos

In good conditions of preservation (Temperature < 15°C | Humidity > 60%) :

  • Ready to drink
  • For up to two years.

MarieClos is best served at a temperature of 8 to 12 °C.

Culinary harmony

Freshness and lightness make it an aperitif that radiates summertime. It will naturally be in harmony with your most unusual appetizers and desserts such as: meringue, fruit salads, white cheese cake and, why not, white chocolate.


Delicious as an aperitif served around 8 °C and when outside temperature is rising.

at the table

Unusual appetizers and fresh salads based on in-season tomatoes and cucumbers, some small cubes of feta or mozzarella cheese with a splash of olive oil.

Watermelon and tomato brochette or mozzarella broiled like a pie.


Fresh goat and sheep cheeses

desserts Fruit sorbets and ice cream, fruit salads, white cheesecake, meringues and, why not, white chocolate.

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