blending to improve Cuvée de la Diable

Assemblage generates complexity and aromatic diversity

Cuvée de la Diable does not have a vintage. Its great quality and its unique flavour come from a meticulous blend of cask fermentation varying from 30 to 60 months. Each cask imprints its own character, a past life transferred to the Cuvée while in fermentation. The type of honey and the distinctive aromas soaked in the oak of the cask (wood retains between 5 to 10 L of wine, port, etc. that it previously contained) make each blend unique. The richness of each blend is then harmonized into this aromatic and flavourful complexity that gives birth to one of the best honey wine in the world: Cuvée de la Diable.

The role of assemblage in the wine world…

The wine universe has greatly emphasized the concept of vintage: in every good book you will find the aging potential of the appellation for that specific year. A wine without a vintage is doubtful and yet… Some of the most reputable wines rarely show a vintage: Champagnes, Ports, Xérès, without forgetting spirits such as Cognacs and Armagnacs. For these products, aging represents quality or maintaining a level of quality high enough to blend vintages. Cuvée de la Diable follows the same principle of aging and improvement in cask.