Enough with the sulfites!

Wine without sulfites : a progression

In our environmentally-protected region, choosing to limit additives and sulfites in particular, in the preparation of our products follows our wish to be respectful of the environment and of our customer’s health. This explains our organic certification.

Contrary to other sweet wines that use a large amount of sulfites to stop fermentation, Claude and Marie-Claude developed a vinification method that does not require sulfites, allowing us to maintain our sweet wine, Cuvée de la Diable, at 85 g/L of residual sugars.

This method is based on an expertise that uses the cold of Québec’s winter to eliminate yeast populations and to clarify the wine. Also, using a large amount of honey contributes to making a wine with a higher degree of alcohol, which will facilitate product preservation, aging, and stabilization. Finally, the natural properties of the selected honey—low pH level, natural antioxidant and higher level of non-fermentable sugars—allow us to make a sulfite-free product, to the great displeasure of the SAQ.

Bringing a sulfite-free product on the shelves of the SAQ is similar to embarking on a great adventure. Suffice it to say that DesrochersD takes full responsibility of the quality of its products if a consumer brings back a product because of bad preservation. Never a product has been returned for reason of bad preservation… despite being sulfite-free.

Upcoming : we will put together a short document explaining sulfites and wine.