No added sugar…

Honey in the wine?

Honey wine is not wine with added honey. Honey wine or mead is a beverage fermented from yeasts that are naturally present in honey. Honey wine is produced from the natural vinification of water and honey. Nothing else. Honey wine is not sweeter than wine produced from grapes. Classification of reducing sugars level in honey wine is regulated the same way as wine made from grapes. Fermentation can be stopped at will at different stages to obtain a range of semi-dry to sweet wines.
The different levels of reducing sugars come mainly from the methods of vinification and not from the sugary raw material (honey or grapes) that makes up the wine. In fact, to produce 1% of alcohol per volume, the need in sugar is similar: 16.7 to 17.3 g/L for DesrochersD honey wines; 16.5 to 18 g/L for wine made from grapes. Thus, our honey wines can be as dry as a dry wine made from grapes.

There is a small difference though between grapes and honey. Some honeys have higher levels of non-fermentable sugars which allows us to take advantage of their natural properties to get sweeter wines without using sulfites or ultrafiltration to stop fermentation.