why our products do not have a vintage

With wine made from grapes, the unavoidable rhythm of nature imposes an annual harvest, in the fall, because of the maturation of the grape on the vine (concentration of sugars and aromatic maturity). Fermentation immediately follows because the must of crushed grapes cannot be preserved. The vintage shows the harvest or the fermentation, one following the other. Each year brings variations in the climate or in the vine, each vintage creates its own character.

With honey, the urgency of fermentation is inexistent because, contrary to grapes, honey can keep for many months. So, it is hard to speak of vintage with honey wines. Among our products, only Blizz has a vintage because fermentation follows the honey harvest. For Envolée and MarieClos, we will speak of batch because fermentation does not directly follow the honey harvest. Speaking of “batch” sounds less romantic than “vintage” but our batch identity gives accurate information to the wine aficionado:

  • the character and the year when the honey in the batch was harvested;
  • the exact date when fermentation was started;
  • vinification: all the steps taken to optimize the identity of the wine;
  • organoleptic characteristics;
  • wine and food pairing;
  • development data.

Many quality control criteria ensure honey freshness prior to its use:

  • moisture level below 18%;
  • a very low index of honey deterioration;
  • an optimal level of enzymatic activity.

To make sure we honour these criteria, we optimize preservation methods:

  • storage temperature below 10°C;
  • sealed-container stored in a clean and dry room;
  • duration of storage is less than 2 years after harvest.

The isolation of our winehouse naturally helps us to guarantee that our honey reaches its full potential when we mix it to the water and start the fermention process.
Honey, our raw material, allows us more flexibility in the fermentation process than grapes do. Since honey is a living and evolving natural product enriched with the floral diversity of the Upper Laurentians, all our honey wines reveal a natural richness embedded in subtle flavour variations that give originality and excellence in quality to all DesrochersD products.