Our family alchemy






Like the dreamy echo of a call back to nature, Ferme Apicole Desrochers is first of all a way of life in osmosis with a mountain, a river, a region: Ferme-Neuve. It goes without saying that our line of products is respectful of the environment and of the bees offering the indispensable honey that goes into the preparation of our mead, a real honey wine. At the forefront of the organic movement, Ferme Apicole Desrochers, inspired by the surrounding nature, is still innovating twenty years after its creation, offering blends that bring a country air to your taste buds where the distinct notes of this exceptional, unique and all natural product reveal the echo of a dream dipped in reality.


Marie-Claude Dupuis and Claude Desrochers install the first apiary of what would become Ferme Apicole Desrochers nestled in Ferme-Neuve in the Upper Laurentians. As early as 1980, natural production and selection (we call it organic today) of specific honeys sowed the dream of making mead in the traditional way. A tradition alcohol permit (the fifth given in Québec) makes official the lauch in 1990 of L’Envolée, a dry white mead. Marie-Clos, born from a union with wild raspberries, follows the next year.


Cuvée de la Diable, aged in casks, is marketed and praised by the critics. This blend of nature and traditional expertise will win the prestigious Renaud-Cyr award in 2000. Skillful craftmanship is the keeper of the family’s alchemy secrets.


Anicet Desrochers (son) and Anne-Virginie Schmidt take over the management of the family apiary and also breed bee queens for the selection and development of resistant bees. All Miels d’Anicet products are certified organic by Québec Vrai since 2003.


Naline Dupuis Desrochers (daughter) and Géraud Bonnet take over the management of Ferme Apicole Desrochers and of the assemblage of honey wines. Fruit of a frienship that blossomed into a shared and cherished passion, their union boosted a dynamism that certified the brand EcoCert Canada organic and yielded a rainbow of medals at the 2009 Apimondia convention (Montpellier, France): Cuvée de la Diable (gold), Envolée (silver) and MarieClos (bronze). The creation of Blizz, a semi-dry honey wine, is another sign that the echo of the dream still reverberates loadly on the hillside of the Diable mountain.