Environmental impact

Consuming a 750 mL bottle of DesrochersD honey wine represents:

  • 580 g of honey on average;
  • which is 2 L of flower nectar;
  • the life work of 30 bees (or the work of 1,200 bees for one day, or an hour of work of the entire beehive);
  • a task completed from approximately 23,200 trips of 1.6 km each, covering almost 40,000 km, i.e. one trip around the world;
  • 3.25 million flowers visited to gather pollen;
  • thus maintaining biodiversity on a one-acre field of wild flowers;
  • finally, you improved your ecological footprint by roughly 40 times the surface of your apartment (100 m2).

Conclusion: raise your glass responsibly to the reduction of your ecological footprint.