Our environmental commitment

Our environmental and organic commitments go beyond the organic certification needed for our log books because we never lose site that we are making a product destined for human consumption:

  • use of 100% organic and local ingredients;
  • use of the lowest level of sulfites (between 0 to 20 mg/L depending on the product); research is actually being done to completely remove sulfites while guaranteeing optimum product preservation;
  • in the process of substituting di-ammonium phosphate with an organic substance (inactivated yeasts, yeast crust, pollen);
  • 33% reduction of bottle weight (impacting transportation and the energy consumption needed to make the glass);
  • use of recyclable caps;
  • limiting overpackaging: unprinted packaging (printed boxes represent up to 10% of the carbon footprint of a wine producer), reducing the size of our label printed on recycled paper, covering our caps with beeswax.